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For some people, the realisation that they have lost some of their hearing function is a gradual process that they test against until they cannot deny it. For others, the loss of hearing comes as a shock, for example, when they do not hear an approaching vehicle until the last moment.

Regardless of whether it is a slow recognition or a sudden surprise, once you have an awareness that your level of hearing has changed it is important to book in for a hearing test. Joondalup residents are fortunate to have a specialist team close by who have achieved incredible results for thousands of people over 30 years.

That’s the team here at Hearing Loss Specialists. We offer our clients options, which may seem like something that should be a given, but, in fact, is almost an exclusive service that few of our competitors can boast. We believe in solutions that are determined based on what you need, as opposed to a branded solution that is recommended as part of a business partnership.

We have three decades of clinical experience and operate completely independently. We understand that hearing loss can take hold at any age, but throughout life, some loss will inevitably be experienced.

Helping Joondalup Residents Hear Again

If you are looking for hearing testing in Joondalup then finding our site means that you can stop your search, safe in the knowledge that you have found the best in the business. Our hearing aid clinics are conveniently located in Cannington, Rockingham, Nedlands and Duncraig.

In terms of what we can do for you, there are many positives that you can look forward to. A 30 -minute hearing test will determine exactly what your specific needs are and from there we can choose the most appropriate hearing device to help improve all aspects of your daily life.

We understand that hearing when the television is on can be difficult, not to mention following a conversation when sitting around a table in a busy restaurant, or café, and focusing on what you need to hear when you are with a large group or in a busy environment can be stressful and frustrating. Improving the clarity of your hearing is our goal.

The process of achieving clarity is a simple one. It starts with a consultation followed by a hearing test. Then, a hearing aid is selected and fitted, we make a follow-up appointment to ensure that things are going the way that we all hope they will.

How Our Independent Joondalup Hearing Clinic Makes a Difference

At Hearing Loss Specialists, the major difference that our patients benefit from the most is the fact that we are an independent hearing aid clinic. We have no affiliation with major manufacturers of hearing aids, which assures you an unbiased, objective assessment of your hearing and a tailored recommendation that is provided to achieve the best possible results for you.

For adult hearing tests in Joondalup, there truly is no better clinic to turn to for access to all of the major brands and the most current technology on the market. We also offer hearing tests in Mandurah and haring testing services in Midland. Book your appointment today.

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