ReSound Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing ReSound Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

ReSound is one of the more progressive hearing aid manufacturers around. They find ways to integrate the fast-developing world of personal technologies like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches into their hearing aid devices, providing innovative ways to control your device.

The ReSound LiNX2 Hearing Aid

The ReSound LiNX2 for example, one of their latest hearing devices,  allows you to download an app to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to wirelessly control your hearing aid. It also allows you to stream audio and video controls straight to your hearing aid, rather than listening to the sounds through it – meaning you get direct, high quality sounds on calls – making keeping up with friends and family much easier and more enjoyable.

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Resound Hearing Devices from WA’s Hearing Loss Specialists

A couple of decades ago the ability for those who had impaired hearing who had lost a great dealing of their hearing capabilities might never have felt that the time would come that hearing aids could help them rediscover their lost sense.

However, the technological explosion of the past thirty years has brought many benefits to those with hearing loss. Today it is possible to acquire a Resound hearing aid that is suited to your preferences and can be custom-fit to deliver the most comfortable solution accessible.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we lead the field here in Western Australia. Our four clinics all operate independently from manufacturers, which we believe is essential so that our patients can receive an objective opinion on their hearing and a hearing aid prescription that is designed to achieve amazing results. We also seek to enhance the value proposition afforded to you by providing free lifetime follow-ups.

We have thirty years clinical experience dealing with hearing loss, which means that we have been through all the new developments in technology and have an acute awareness of what is available, how it benefits the user and can offer choice to our patients, as opposed to a single brand.

Benefits of Resound Hearing Devices

Resound hearing devices are among the best available in the market today. There are many styles available that will suit the individual preferences of patients. While hearing aids in Western Australia were once clunky and bulky and the source of self-consciousness for many wearers, this manufacturer joins many others who offer completely-in-canal, receiver-in-canal, invisible-in-canal and custom-fit solutions. As such, depending on how you feel about public perception, there is an ideal solution ready and waiting for you.

If you bought a hearing aid twenty years ago and for the first time came to our team looking for a new option, we expect that you would be staggered by the possibilities that these devices now afford users. Advanced software makes it possible to increase spatial awareness and the sound quality so that you can tailor how your device works in different environments.

What’s more, given that smartphones are a key part of our world, Resound hearing aid models can be connected to them as well as tablets and even televisions, and this creates a Bluetooth headset that empowers the user to change the settings of their device as and when they need to. At the touch of a button, your hearing possibilities can be transformed and improved, to ensure that you can engage fully with the world around you.

Positive Testimonials from Past Patients

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we have heaps of positive testimonials here on our site from past patients whose lives were transformed by a simple hearing consultation and assessment. We provide this service free of charge and we can even assist you with finance planning if you wish to spread the cost of your hearing aids over several years.

If you are curious about Resound hearing aid cost or capabilities, or if you just want to book an appointment, simply fill in the online form here on our site, and we will look forward to helping you hear better in the not too distant future.
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