Our Hearing Aid Price Ranges

Our 2021 range of hearing aids start at $2,199 each ear and can go upwards from there depending on the level of technology.

Hearing Loss Specialists prescribe the worlds most advanced digital hearing aid technology available and offer the widest range of hearing instruments to meet the needs of varying types of hearing loss. There is also a range of hearing instruments available to meet different budget requirements. Cost is determined by the level of technology inside the aid.

We also offer a number of discounts and rebates on our hearing aids range. Find out more about our discounts.

Our goal is to return your hearing to the maximum level of clarity that is possible.

Please keep in mind that your Specialist will endeavor to prescribe you with the highest level of technology suitable to your hearing requirements, at the lowest possible price.

What’s included in the cost?

When you purchase your hearing aids with Hearing Loss Specialists, you also get the following training and aftercare services free of charge:

  • – We fit your hearing aids and ensure they are at the optimal setting for your needs
  • – We train you to use your new hearing devices – how to insert and take them out, how to clean them and how to adjust the settings for different situations
  • – If additional adjustment or minor repairs are required we do that free of charge
  • – If more complicated repairs or new parts are required we also look into the issue free of charge and, if required, send away your hearing device to the manufacturer on your behalf. If any new parts are required we will then provide you with a quote directly from the manufacturer
  • – Should we need to send your hearing aid away for repair we offer you a temporary hearing aid free of charge.

30 Day Hearing Aid Exchange Guarantee

What may seem the right hearing aid solution for you on paper may prove not to be right after a week or so of wearing them and going about your everyday tasks. At Hearing Loss Specialists we offer a 30-day exchange guarantee. If you purchase hearing aids and are not happy we can exchange to another hearing aid that will be better suited to your hearing loss.

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