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Time to have your hearing assessed?

It is a painless and comfortable procedure and the friendly staff at Hearing Loss Specialists are here to help.

The purpose of your hearing test and consultation is to accurately determine the type and percentage of hearing loss you may have, and to identify any specific, individual, hearing difficulties you may be experiencing. The results of your hearing test will also indicate how much a hearing aid will improve the clarity of your overall hearing levels. The hearing test and consultation will take up to 45 minutes.

During your consultation, if you require a hearing aid, the specialist will discuss with you the most suitable type of hearing aid for your needs. The specialist will take into account several factors when recommending your hearing aids, and the level of technology you require. These factors include:

  • – Your Hearing Test Results
  • – Your Lifestyle (Situations where you feel you need to hear better)
  • – Your Budget
  • – Your Work & Social Requirements
  • – The Size of Your Ear Canals
  • – Your Sensitivity to the Aesthetics (Size & Visibility) of Hearing Aids

Our goal is to return your hearing to the maximum level of clarity that is possible.

If you’re nervous about your hearing consultation or you don’t know the right questions to ask, there’s no need to worry, your hearing loss specialist will talk you through everything, but if you want to be prepared check out this article on the right questions to ask at your hearing test and consultation.

Is there a charge for hearing tests?

At Hearing Loss Specialists our hearing test and consultation is free of charge.

To arrange an appointment for a hearing test and hearing aid assessment, simply call 9350 6311 or send us an email using the form below.

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