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Time to have your hearing assessed?

It is a painless and comfortable procedure and the friendly staff at Hearing Loss Specialists are here to help.

The purpose of your hearing test and consultation is to accurately determine the type and percentage of hearing loss you may have, and to identify any specific, individual, hearing difficulties you may be experiencing. The results of your hearing test will also indicate how much a hearing aid will improve the clarity of your overall hearing levels. The hearing test and consultation will take up to 45 minutes.

During your consultation, if you require a hearing aid, the hearing aid specialist will discuss with you the most suitable type of hearing aid for your needs. He will take into account several factors when recommending your hearing aids, and the level of technology you require. These factors include:

  • – Your Hearing Test Results
  • – Your Lifestyle (Situations where you feel you need to hear better)
  • – Your Budget
  • – Your Work & Social Requirements
  • – The Size of Your Ear Canals
  • – Your Sensitivity to the Aesthetics (Size & Visibility) of Hearing Aids

Our goal is to return your hearing to the maximum level of clarity that is possible.

If you’re nervous about your hearing consultation or you don’t know the right questions to ask, there’s no need to worry, your hearing aid specialist will talk you through everything, but if you want to be prepared check out this article on the right questions to ask at your hearing test and consultation.

Is there a charge for hearing tests?

At Hearing Loss Specialists our hearing test and consultation is free of charge. Read More

To arrange an appointment for a hearing test and hearing aid assessment, simply call 9350 6311 or send us an email using the form below.

The Best Clinic for Adult Hearing Tests in Perth

Hearing loss is something that can lead to incredible frustration for the person affected. Their ability to communicate and engage with the world around them is hampered and there are far too many instances where they are misinterpreted or assumed to want one thing when they desire something else entirely. Recognising that you have a hearing impairment will come as a shock, but seeking out hearing testing is a proactive step.

Perth residents are fortunate to have an independent clinic on their doorstep that not only provides a service that is second to none but tailors their recommendations specifically to the client that sits before them, as opposed to supplying them with a one-size-fits-all branded solution.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, our goal is to achieve the greatest degree of clarity for each and every client that we meet who requires a hearing aid. Regardless of whether you are of advanced years, approaching retirement, or a college student, rest assured that we have the best technology accessible on the market today and deliver hearing test services in Perth that thousands of locals have benefitted immensely from over the past 30 years.

A Few Hearing Loss Facts Before You Get Tested

It is difficult to understand what a person is going through unless you have some experience of it yourself. In society, we seek to limit the attention that is drawn to any ailments or limitations that our friends, family or colleagues have. However, in doing so out of goodwill, this can often hurt that person, simply because we cannot perceive the world through their eyes or ears.

Adult hearing tests in Perth reveal a lot about the motivations of a person to change their hearing possibilities. Some are frustrated by others talking loudly at them when they struggle to understand a conversation, while the truth is that they can hear sounds, but struggle to catch the detail when in a noisy environment. Few people recognise that by looking directly at someone hard of hearing, they can understand better, simply by reading the movement of the lips and when speech is delivered with clarity.

Hearing loss is not just something that is reserved for the elderly. Anyone at any point in their life could be exposed to severe levels of noise that could do damage. As time progresses, each of us experiences some degree of hearing loss.

The perception of hearing aids is one that puts off many clients. However, things have changed considerably over the past 20 years. They are no longer bulky and unsightly and, in some cases, look like a piece of designer jewellery, or fit within the ear canal, completely out of sight.

Most people downplay their hearing loss because it’s not something that they believe is fatal. However, the absence of this crucial sense places any individual at a far greater degree of risk. Failing to hear an approaching vehicle or a fire alarm could have drastic consequences.

We’ve Tested Tens of Thousands of Clients

At Hearing Loss Specialists, all you have to do is browse the many testimonials here on our site to gain an appreciation of the difference our team has made in the lives of many people. We have completed hearing loss assessments for tens of thousands of clients who have been completely satisfied with their service.

Booking an appointment is easy. Just fill in the online form and lock down a date. We offer hearing tests in Duncraig, hearing testing in Nedlands and also in Rockingham. A free hearing assessment could be the gateway to a whole new you. So, if you’re tired of feeling frustrated, take action. Our team looks forward to helping you.
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