Starkey Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Sonic Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

Starkey is one of the world leaders in invisible hearing aids, and they have also pushed through many pioneering advancements over the years – including the first waterproof hearing aid, the first to use nanotechnology and the first in-canal hearing aid.

The Starkey Halo Hearing Aid

The Starkey Halo – one of their most recently launched devices – is a technologically advanced hearing device that allows you to connect wirelessly to your iPhone – hearing the conversation directly in your ear through the device rather than through the phone receiver, making conversations crystal clear.

Find the best hearing aid for you

We can supply a wide range of Starkey Hearing Aids, and our experts are on hand to recommend the best device for your needs. Fill out the form below to book your hearing test and consultation today, or get in touch your nearest Hearing Loss Specialists Clinic. Read More

Skarkey Hearing Devices from WA’s Number One Independent Clinic

The most important thing for anyone who decides that they need to do something about their hearing loss is that they feel they are getting objective information and attention. The cost of hearing devices is well-known to be relatively expensive and so, feeling that your time and money was well-spent is essential.

Many clinics throughout Western Australia have affiliations with major manufacturers, which is why it is important for any person looking for advice to seek out a audiology clinic in Perth that is independent and can deliver advice and prescriptions tailored to their specific needs.

Starkey hearing aids are among the many options offered by the team here at Hearing Loss Specialists. We have been working in Western Australia for over three decades and have maintained our presence as an independent clinic that affords patients the very best of care and attention. We can improve your clarity of hearing in a range of different environments and settings, and help you engage with the world in a manner that is comfortable, non-stressful and positive once again.

We stock the latest in hearing aid technology, including the smallest virtually invisible hearing aids. This affords our patients an incredible service that is designed to achieve the very best results. Starkey hearing devices deliver fantastic results and continue to pioneer new and exciting advancements, which is why we are proud to include them among our product range.

Advantages That Starkey Hearing Aid Users Have

While finding a solution for hearing impairment is the primary objective for anyone that experiences this sensory loss, our team understands that a degree of self-consciousness also exists for those who must now incorporate wearable technology where they previously never did.

A Starkey invisible hearing aid is a device that almost completely eliminates the past aesthetics associated with hearing loss. With renewed hearing capabilities and a vastly improved look, users can confidently go about their day without giving their impairment a second thought.

Equipped with a powerful hearing aid, the possibilities for users are endless. Absence of hearing can cost actual money over time, particularly in the work environment. What’s more, if you are a skilled worker whose expertise lies in noisy sites in which conversations can be difficult to interpret, e.g. construction, then it is imperative that you can engage appropriately.

Starkey rechargeable hearing aids afford a better living standard to its users. Rather than rely on batteries, this smart solution makes it much easier to ensure that you have the power to hear before you leave the house. What’s more, the quality of life experienced is almost always enhanced once a hearing device is fitted.

Professionally-fit hearing aids also make a huge difference where tinnitus is concerned. Reducing the negative impact that this condition has can make life a lot more pleasant.

Hearind Aids by Starkey: What Does the Cost Include?

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we recognise that a Starkey hearing aid comes at a cost that may seem high, but we are confident that the quality of life delivered by its use is something that most patients will feel justifies this price tag.

That said, we provide free consultation and assessments to new patients, and we follow-up for free, for life for all of our patients. This affords you in-house servicing, retesting, annual check-ups and adjustments, all free of charge. Additionallty, we have discounts on our hearing aids for pensioners.

To learn more about the range of Starkey devices that we can provide, or to discuss prices, or book in for a hearing test, simply fill in the form online and we will endeavour to assist you in any way that we can.
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