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Many people suffer from some degree of age-related hearing loss as they grow older, and getting fitted with a digital hearing aid is the best way you can combat hearing loss and enjoy the same quality of life – communicating with friends and family and enjoying a busy lifestyle.

Getting to Know Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids have been available for commercial use since 1995 and have now almost completely replaced analogue hearing aids. Since 1995 there have been huge further developments and improvements in digital hearing aids, and today some have even been proven to give users better than normal hearing in situations with a lot of background noise!

Digital hearing aids are programmable, meaning they can be adjusted to suit whatever sound environment you are in – a quiet living room or a busy shopping centre for example. Some digital hearing aids even adjust automatically.

Many people have misconceptions about wearing hearing aids – that they are uncomfortable, you can’t hear telephone calls, you hear too much background noise or hear ‘feedback’ or ‘whistling’ while wearing them. In reality, however, modern digital hearing aid technology has advanced beyond these issues, and we can help you find the right one for you at your test and fitting.

Find out a little more about each of the types of hearing aids we offer below, or contact us to make a booking and we can take you through your options in person.

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