Widex Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Widex Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

Our Widex hearing aids are custom made for each individual at the Widex manufacturing premises in Melbourne and delivered to our Perth clinics to be fitted for you by our hearing experts. We have been educated and trained by the Widex team to take custom ear moulds and fit the Widex devices with the optimal settings to give you the very best sound quality.

The Widex Dream Hearing Aid

The most recent hearing aid from Widex – the Widex Dream – is manufactured to give users the most true-to-life sound quality possible, allowing you to experience more well-rounded sounds and not just hear but actually enjoy the world of sound around you. The Widex Dream excels at feedback cancellation and adapting to sudden loud sounds, making it a fantastic choice for those with busy lifestyles at parties, social events and work or social group meetings.

Find the best hearing aid for you

We can supply a wide range of Widex Hearing Aids, and our experts are on hand to recommend the best device for your needs. Fill out the form below to book your hearing test and consultation today, or get in touch your nearest Hearing Loss Specialists Clinic. Read More

Where to Acquire Widex Hearing Aids in Western Australia

No matter what age you are, if you suffer from a loss of hearing this is a major disruption that often limits engagement with the wider world. We all depend on communication to socialise and feel that we are connected and a part of our communities.

Those with hearing impairments can struggle to fully immerse themselves in public occasions or may shy away from them, particularly when they have felt embarrassed or misunderstood in the past. Widex hearing aids are a solution that empowers its users to embrace the day and engage in a manner that they feel comfortable with.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we understand that hearing loss can come at any time in a person’s life. A noisy work environment can lead to damaging cumulative effects and the onset of hearing difficulties. The fear of losing one’s hearing, particularly when this happens while still in the workforce, can come as a shock and inspire fears of job security. Our hearing aid specialists have 30 years of clinical experience dealing with all kinds of hearing loss issues, so you can trust us when we say that there are many wonderful devices accessible today that can afford you a normal working life.

Our goal is to assess your hearing, determine what the best solution is and then improve the clarity of your hearing, no matter what environment you engage with.

Hearing Aids By Widex: What’s the Widex Difference?

Widex hearing devices are among the leading options accessible through our clinic. Whenever the topic of hearing aids comes up, most people conjure images of bulky pieces of plastic attached to the ears. The difference today is that with Widex we provide custom made ear devices for each patient that decides to proceed with the purchase of this brand.

Our team don’t just know what the products do on a basic level. Instead, we have been trained and educated by the team at Widex so that we can optimise the performance of the devices that we prescribe and ensure that they deliver outstanding sound quality and a snug fit.

A Widex hearing aid is something that never fails to excite our patients and give them hope when they learn about the possibilities that they can achieve. Regaining true-to-life sound quality is the major benefit that many patients benefit from. It allows them to rediscover the world as they know it.

Naturally, anyone that has used old hearing devices in the past will likely have some experience with sudden loud noises. Such instances can shock and irritate. However, Widex has addressed the possibility of this happening and so they have incorporated superior feedback cancellation technology that makes the device capable of adapting to sudden loud sounds.

Widex rechargeable hearing aids are also available, negating the need for batteries and affording users the convenience of topping up their charge no matter where they are, day or night. They are easy to use, come in multiple colours and will improve speech perception even in loud environments.

Book an Appointment that Could Transform Your World

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we appreciate that with such technological advances come increased price tags. However, we strive to make these wonderful devices as accessible to our patients as possible. Discounts and rebates apply, which we are happy to discuss with you at your appointment. So, no matter if you’re shopping Widex, Resound hearing aids or Phonak hearing devices know you’re in good hands.

With Widex Bluetooth hearing aids you can step out confidently into the world, certain that you can engage fully with it and feel that you are very much a part of your community. Book a slot with our specialists today that could transform your world.
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