Phonak Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Phonak Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

Phonak is focused on developing cutting-edge hearing aids and working with hearing experts around the world (like us!) to give their users the confidence and freedom to live busy, active lives, not tied down by hearing impairment. They strive to fully understand the challenges faced by their customers and to develop new hearing technologies to help them overcome those problems.

The Phonak Bolero V Hearing Aid

The Phonak Bolero V – their most recently launched hearing device – was developed to cater for the wide range of sounds and pitches that people encounter on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis. The Bolero V automatically adjusts and adapts to each new sound environment encountered throughout the day, without the need for manual adjustment. This, combined with the comfortable and discreet fit, gives you the freedom and security to go about your daily activities as if you’re not even wearing a hearing device.

Find the best hearing aid for you

We can supply a wide range of Phonak Hearing Aids, and our experts are on hand to recommend the best device for your needs. Fill out the form below to book your hearing test and consultation today, or get in touch your nearest Hearing Loss Specialists Clinic. Read More

The Best Place to Acquire Phonak Hearing Aids in Western Australia

The task for any hearing aid manufacturer is to devise a device that addresses clarity in a range of the most common situations that its end-user will be exposed to regularly. If you have a hearing aid that is great in one environment but terrible in another, then the chances are that at least half of the time you live in a state of frustration. Phonak hearing aids are a smart solution, designed for 21st Century living and strive to achieve more for their customers.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we are an independent clinic based in Perth. Our independence affords us the luxury of being able to prescribe any brand that we see fit, and that will potentially deliver the greatest outcome for our patients. As such, among the range of brands that we have access to are Phonak hearing devices.

We are not brand loyal, but instead, prefer to give an objective opinion to each person whose hearing we assess. That’s why, in addition to stocking Phonak, we also stock NX Signia hearing aids by Siemens and Widex hearing devices (top name a few). Through careful consideration of the needs of each individual that we see, we decide what we believe will bring a level of clarity to their hearing that they have missed for a long time. 30 years of clinical experience makes us the best in the business and we even provide a lifetime of free follow-ups.

Hearing Aids by Phonak: Experience Life Again

With regards to hearing aids by Phonak, there are plenty of reasons why we include them among our extensive list of manufacturers. Anyone that has researched hearing loss and devices will most likely have come across the name, given their popularity and the results that they achieve.

As anyone with even a basic level of understanding about hearing loss knows, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is hearing quiet voices. Naturally, few people will live in an environment where they have to speak all of the time. However, consider the situation for librarians, or those who work in museums or places of worship.

Soft speech is a major challenge to contend with, particularly for the elderly and Phonak note that their devices can bring about a 10% improvement of understanding. Regular speech is also problematic for many people, and so this same device has achieved a 20% improvement.

One of the most common problem areas for those with hearing impairment is interacting with others in a noisy environment. The cumulative noise levels can make it very difficult to focus and understand what the person opposite is saying. Fortunately, Phonak marvel hearing aids make it possible to zoom in on a single voice in such environments.

Finally, if you appreciate good music, but find that your ability to enjoy it has been hampered by your loss of hearing, then now is the time to access the very best modern technology and let it help you rediscover your joy and passion.

Avail of a Free Hearing Test and Consultation

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we want to encourage as many people with hearing difficulties as possible to avail of a hearing test in Perth. As such, we provide our initial test and consultation free of charge. This will afford you a chance to learn what you need and how best current technology can improve your daily life.

Phonak hearing aid prices come at a cost that matches the quality, but rest assured that we have financing solutions accessible to our patients that enable them to acquire what they need in a stress-free manner. To learn more, or ask about prices or what we might be able to achieve for you, please feel free to get in touch, or book an appointment by filling out the form here on our site.
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