Bernafon Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Bernafon Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

Bernafon understands that in the past, many people disliked wearing their hearing aids as they were uncomfortably badly designed. For many who have not found the right hearing aid that is an ongoing issue. Bernafon puts a great emphasis on the design  and style of their hearing devices – many are award-winning – to ensure optimal comfort and cosmetic appeal.

The Bernafon Juna Pico RITE Hearing Aid

The Bernafon Juna Pico RITE (Receiver-In-The-Ear) Hearing Aid for example – one of their latest designs, is small, discreet and modelled around the shape of the human ear to make it as comfortable as possible for wearers.

Find the best hearing aid for you

We can supply a wide range of Phonak Hearing Aids, and our experts are on hand to recommend the best device for your needs. Fill out the form below to book your hearing test and consultation today, or get in touch your nearest Hearing Loss Specialists Clinic. Read More

Hearing Aids by Bernafon Available in Western Australia

Fear can often hold people back from living a full and complete life. We all want to feel part of the world that we live in and so when we recognise that something is wrong this inevitably threatens our happy existence and may make us fearful of the outcome. Those who experience hearing loss are acutely aware of the impact their impairment has daily. As such, rather than fear what a hearing test might reveal, we believe that embracing it is the key to regaining control of your life.

Bernafon hearing aids are one of the many solutions accessible from this manufacturer here at Hearing Loss Specialists. For the past thirty years and counting, our team has built upon their knowledge and expertise in the field of hearing loss and over this time we have gained a reputation for making the very best, most advanced solutions in the market readily accessible to our clients.

A hearing assessment is nothing to be afraid of. It is a proactive step taken by you that will benefit you personally as well as those closest to you. We provide free consultations and assessments for those that wish to gain a full appreciation of their hearing condition and to learn exactly what can be done and how much of an improvement can be expected by using Bernafon hearing aids.

How Bernafon Hearing Devices Make Life More Convenient

One of the key facts that Bernafon takes into consideration when developing new hearing aids is just how awkward, unsightly and uncomfortable past iterations of hearing devices were. To an extent, this perception of hearing aids still exists, but anyone worried about having to manage a device in the 21st Century, or who is self-conscious about wearing one will be surprised to see just how far they have come over the past three decades.

Bernafon hearing devices are designed to achieve a stylish look that achieves optimal comfort. It is not surprising that modern hearing devices are often mistaken for wearable jewellery, given the range of different styles, colours and types accessible.

It’s not all just about aesthetics, however. Batteries were the bane of many people with hearing impairments in the past. Today, Bernafon rechargeable hearing aids enhance the convenience factor for their users. In addition to this, the performance achieved with regards to hearing improvement is superb.

Anyone who wants to perceive sounds naturally and focus on understanding speech in noisy or challenging environments will find much to celebrate. Given that our society is increasingly seeking conveniences in every aspect of their lives, you can now connect your hearing device to your smartphone or other electronic devices. This makes configuring and changing settings simple to do, even on the go.

Finally, these sublime solutions are easily adaptable to different environments, so whatever your needs or preferences are, you can tweak them as and when you wish to.

Bernafon Innovcative Hearing Solutions: We Meet Your Individual Needs

At Hearing Loss Specialists, our job initially is to accurately determine the type and percentage of hearing loss you have. This enables us to make specific recommendations with regards to the most appropriate device to suit your individual circumstances and needs.He carry all the best brands, such as Phonak, Resound, Widex, Starkey and more. Additionally, we have helped tens of thousands of people, just like you, to regain their independence and live full, satisfying lives.

Bernafon innovative hearing aids are also available to enhance your experiences and make life even more convenient and discreet no matter where you are. So, forget the fear and embrace the fact that solutions are available that can be customised to your needs. Book an appointment with our specialist team today and let us help you find them.
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