It is a painless and comfortable procedure and the friendly staff at Hearing Loss Specialists are here to help.

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Book yourself in with our hearing aid specialist, he will be able to advise you on the very latest hearing aid technology.

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Book in too see our hearing aid specialist where he will test your hearing and advise you if it needs to be adjusted or serviced.

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Book yourself in to have your hearing tested and our hearing aid specialist will advise you if your current hearing aid can be reprogrammed.

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30 Years Experience

We have over 30 years experience in the hearing aid industry in Perth Western Australia, supplying the very latest technology from around the world.

Independent Product Advice

Being independent means we can help you select a hearing aid tailored specifically for your individual hearing loss from a large range of brands.

Latest Technology

As new hearing aid technology becomes available we will endeavor to be the first to offer these new products in Western Australia.

Rebates & Discounts

We offer discounts for Pensioners, Senior Card Holders, Vet Affairs, Self-funded Retirees and RAC Members. Discounts range from $400-$545 per ear.

Perth Hearing Aid Clinic & Hearing Aid Specialist Centre

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Perth’s Most Experienced Hearing Loss Solution Practice

Hearing Loss Specialists offer you the very latest state of the art hearing aid technology and have succeeded in integrating a massive package of features into a miniaturised design. Their hearing instruments are extremely discreet due to their small size, but offer huge performance thanks to the sophisticated digital technology inside.

Hearing Loss Specialists are one of Western Australia’s largest independently owned hearing aid practices and are committed to providing hearing aid solutions for every individual’s needs. We operate four hearing aid clinics in the Perth metropolitan area. Our hearing aid clinics are situated at several convenient locations throughout Perth – Cannington, Rockingham, Nedlands and Duncraig.

Our professional team have fitted hearing aids to many tens of thousands of clients over the years to help compensate for their hearing problems. This has allowed them to hear clearly once again.

Hearing Loss Specialists are renowned for our continuous quest for excellence in the form of new technology and a personalised, professional service. Read More

Industry-Leading Perth Hearing Aid Providers

There is no question that we are living through a time that continually changes and introduces new ways of looking at, interpreting and engaging with the world. But what if the only change that you are experiencing is personal to you?

As we age, it is to be expected that some hearing loss will happen, but the key to continuing to live your life uninterrupted and with the same degree of freedom as you currently have is to seek out the hearing aid clinic that pursue to address the problem on an individual level.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we have been improving the clarity of hearing for our clients for over thirty years. From our base in Western Australia, we seek to make it possible for those with hearing issues to engage with an independent specialist who is unbiased and wants to find the optimal solution that will achieve the greatest results.

We give our clients options and tailor our hearing tests and services to determine exactly what kind of device would work best, and how much of an improvement will be experienced. Looking for hearing aids in Perth will inevitably lead you to many professionals that have connections to specific brands. The difference with us is that we have all of the latest technology available and give you a choice.

Visit Our Hearing Aid Specialists in Perth

Health is wealth and any sudden bump in the road inevitably comes as a cause for concern. While a loss of hearing does not necessarily have immediately worrying consequences in terms of life expectancy, it is still a worrying experience that makes life more challenging and potentially risky. Without a hearing aid, life in Perth can seem strange, isolating and different. With a digital Phonak hearing aid working for you, your beloved city will still excite and engage you as always.

Naturally, there are plenty of people who will fear their journey to a hearing clinic. However, knowledge is power, and what you should know is that your appointment for a hearing assessment is a painless, comfortable procedure. At our renowned clinics, our team simply want to determine the type and percentage of hearing loss you have.

From this assessment, we can gain crucial information with regards to the kind of difficulties you encounter, which may be specific to you. Our assessment is the ideal way for you to learn just how powerful the technology accessible to modern hearing aid specialist professionals is today. We will be able to give an indication of just how much of an improvement you can expect in terms of clarity.

Finally, our technicians will talk you through your options. All this in a matter of thirty minutes and, best of all our tests and consultations are free of charge.

Our Hearing Aid Centre is Conveniently Located

While searching for a ‘hearing aid specialist near me’ will bring up results that are in your immediate vicinity, it is always worth checking out whether they offer many different solutions, or just one. At Hearing Loss Specialists, we are independent and have helped tens of thousands of patients over three decades. The testimonials you can read here on our site will give a sense of just how professional, successful and committed to achieving the best results we are.

Our hearing clinic in Perth offer a range of special discounts to pensioners, veteran affairs, seniors card holders, self-funded retirees and RAC members. Discounts may also be accessible from your private health insurer. So, if your hearing is changing, book an appointment with the hearing aid specialist Perth and trust us to do right by you.
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