Invisible (IIC)

Invisible Hearing Aids

Do you suffer from age-related hearing loss but have resisted getting hearing aids because you think they appear unsightly or uncomfortable? One of your options is to have an Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aid installed.

The newest and smallest hearing instruments available, these fit deep inside your ear canal so they’re practically invisible. IIC instruments will give you the benefit of specialised hearing assistance as well as being invisible and unobtrusive. Suited for mild to moderate hearing loss, IIC hearing aids deliver many benefits beyond being almost impossible to see.

How do Invisible Hearing Aids Work?

Invisible hearing aids are embedded deep in the ear canal nearer the ear drum and the outer ear naturally directs sound towards the hearing aid. This improves directionality and helps with your ability to know where sounds are coming from. Despite the tiny size of this hearing aid, it still can be manufactured with the highest level of digital technology.

Benefits of Invisible (IIC) Hearing Aids

Latest Technology

For decades, In The Canal (ITC) hearing aids were considered as the benchmark for unobtrusive hearing aid technology. However, now you can benefit from the latest research which has allowed IIC Invisible hearing aids to be embedded deep in the ear canal nearer the ear drum. Some of the more advanced IIC models can be operated using a smartphone app, giving you touch screen control of the device.


Because the IIC hearing aid is made to fit deep in the ear canal, it becomes almost invisible to the eye. Currently the smallest version of hearing aid, it is designed to be positioned in the ear canal, making it virtually undetectable.

Custom made comfort

IIC hearing aids are custom made to fit snugly into your ear, allowing for comfort and ease of use. The technology is designed to use the outer ear to direct sounds to the inner ear giving you a more natural sound and comfort level. It also comes with a small extension cord attached to allow easy removal at night, when showering and to charge the battery.

How do I get an Invisible Hearing Aid from Hearing Loss Specialists?

While Invisible Hearing Aids are high performance, they aren’t yet powerful enough to cater for those with more severe hearing loss, so they are recommended for mild to moderate loss. An assessment is required by one of our hearing aid specialists to determine whether they are suitable for your type of hearing loss. Simply fill in the form below or call us on 9350 6311 to book a hearing test with us and we will talk you through your options.

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