Completely in Canal (CIC)

CIC Hearing Aids (Completely In Canal)

If you’ve been diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss, you may be looking for a hearing aid to help you more successfully navigate conversations, phone calls, and environmental noise.

The newest and smallest hearing instruments available for this type of hearing loss are Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aids. As the name suggests, these fit deep inside your ear canal so they’re practically invisible.

Benefits of CIC Hearing Aids

  • – They are the smallest and least visible hearing aids currently available
  • – They are custom moulded to give you a good fit so that you get the best possible benefit from them.
  • – As they sit right inside your ear canal they are less likely to pick up wind noise, which means they don’t blur out voices or other sounds in outdoor situations.

How do I get an CIC Hearing Aid from Hearing Loss Specialists?

Completely in Canal Hearing Aids are recommended for mild to moderate loss. An assessment is required by one of our hearing aid specialists to determine whether they are suitable for your type of hearing loss. Simply fill in the form below or call us on 9350 6311 to book a hearing test with us and we will talk you through your options. Read More


The Best CIC Hearing Aids 2020

There are so many ways that hearing loss can impact our daily lives. While the inability to hear or understand is obvious, how we physically interact with the world around us is also affected. A hearing device often sits behind or in the ear, with a slight protrusion, however, even this presence can make basic functions such as sleep uncomfortable.

Few people like to be without one of their senses at any time, and so finding the solution that achieves the best possible outcome is important. CIC hearing aids are in many cases the best choice and they can be readily accessed at Perth’s leading independent hearing clinic.

The team here at Hearing Loss Specialists have worked tirelessly to deliver the very best care and attention to each client that we have engaged over the past thirty years and counting. From our four convenient locations throughout Perth’s metropolitan area – Cannington, Rockingham, Duncraig and Nedlands – we strive to deliver objective opinions and prescribe worthy solutions for each individual that seeks our assistance.

Completely in Canal hearing aids have grown in popularity as the technology behind them has improved. While the quality of the hearing made possible by these devices is fantastic they are also designed to make life more liveable. We offer the best brands available on the market, including Bernafon and Siemens.

Why Completely-in-Canal Hearing Aids Are So Popular

We regularly meet clients who have read about completely in canal hearing aids and want to acquire them simply for their aesthetic appeal. The fact that you can wear these devices with almost no sign that they are in place is one of the major draws for many people.

The advantages of CIC rechargeable hearing aids is that they are small but afford users many different listening benefits that might not be apparent on first sight. While there are plenty of hearing aids throughout Australia that have buttons and controls that need to be adjusted, a CIC device works automatically, making them a user-friendly device that is adaptable and beneficial to all ages.

The fact that they can also be custom fitted to the individual means that they are often much more comfortable to wear daily. For those who are still in employment, or in education, or engaging with the world in a position of responsibility, having the ability to leave your hearing device in place for extended periods is a major advantage.

These devices are ideal for anyone who wants to continue with their life without having to think very often about their hearing aid. Those in a rush can hop into the shower without fearing the worst, or having to remove them, and when the time comes to sleep, you won’t have to worry about not being able to hear throughout the night, unless you don’t want to.

Of course, there are plenty of options among the best CIC hearing aids of 2020 that cannot be left in the ear but don’t worry, a tiny string for ease of removal is the only thing that will really be readily noticeable by those with eagle eyes.

Our Technicians Have 30 Years Of Clinical Experience

At Hearing Loss Specialists, our free consultation and test service is the ideal way to gain the attention of a hearing specialist with vast clinical experience. You can tell us what your preferences are and based on the hearing difficulties that you experience we will choose from the very best CIC hearing aids available to deliver a worthy solution that fits all of your requirements and needs.If you’re looking for discreet hearing options be sure to also check out our range of invisible-in-canal hearing devices

It’s easy to book an appointment, so just complete the online form and look forward to speaking with a specialist that will detail everything you need to know and provide you with the best possible solution to your hearing loss.
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