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Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

When Sonic develop their hearing aids they keep four main values in mind – their ‘4S Foundation’ of Sound, Speech Simplicity and Style. That is, high quality, natural sounds; features to make speech easily understandable for effortless communication; devices that are simple to fit and operate; and styles that are discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

The Sonic Innovations Celebrate Hearing Aid

Sonic’s latest hearing aid – the Sonic Celebrate – is a great example of how they incorporate these four elements into their devices. It is a device designed with everyday listening in mind – whether that’s a visit from a neighbour, watching TV, going to the supermarket or attending a party – the technology in this device allows you the ‘celebrate’ and enjoy all of the everyday moments and sounds you encounter.

Find the best hearing aid for you

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Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids Accessible in Perth

Living with hearing loss is difficult for the person directly affected by the impairment. What is often overlooked is the fact that those who care for or live with, or indeed work with such individuals must alter their behaviours as well, to accommodate.

While raising voices and speaking slowly are commonly used as ways to help the impaired party understand a conversation, little is achieved with regards to solving the core problem. Sonic hearing aids are among the leading solutions accessible in Perth today and with the benefit of 21st Century technology, these devices make life much easier for all concerned.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we are committed to offering our clients options. We don’t believe in pushing a single brand or exclusively limiting choice to a couple of options. Instead, we take each client on their individual merits and seek to gain a complete sense of how hearing loss affects them, what their feelings are in terms of wearing a hearing aid and the kind of environments that they will typically have to contend with.

Our objective is to build a full picture of each client so that we can determine from the wide range of brands accessible to us which one will deliver the greatest results. For many, Sonic Innovations hearing aids are the obvious choice.

Sonic Technology Affords Users Many Conveniences

For most people that experience hearing loss, their goals are typically similar. They want to be able to communicate better with their significant other, or their family while in the home. They want to be able to hear the television with greater clarity. And they want to be able to participate in conversation and interactions in social settings without having to struggle to single out voices amid a crowd.

Sonic hearing devices are developed to achieve superior Sound, Speed, Style and Simplicity. The majority of people with hearing loss will typically incorporate those who are approaching or who are already in retirement. There are also countless hearing impaired Australians from age one to sixty. As such, access to a device that is easy to use is essential, particularly when it achieves a range of sound that vastly improves quality of life.

There are several different receiver-in-the-ear and behind the ear styles available to clients, such as completely-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-canal (IIC), all of which can be connected wirelessly to smartphones. Given that we live in a continually developing age, where technology has made many things possible all at the touch of a button, hearing aids have not been left behind in this regard. Those with profound hearing loss are also catered to as a result of the advances that have been made in recent years.

Furthermore, Sonic hearing aid accessories are readily available, which make interacting with your device simple. External microphones, remote controls, apps and TV adapters are all on the market and can enhance your experiences that bit more.

Embrace Hearing Once Again

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we can prescribe many different options of hearing aids to fit the budgetary needs, hearing needs and environmental demands of each client that we assess. Our thirty years in this industry affords us a unique degree of insight and expertise that stands our patients in good stead.

Once you are equipped with your Sonic hearing aid you can depend on us to provide free lifetime follow-ups, so that any adjustments or servicing is handled at no extra cost. Now is the time to embrace hearing once again, to your benefit and that of those nearest and dearest to you. Book an appointment now.
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