Why are two ears better than one?

More than 50% of people with a hearing loss are affected in both ears.

Studies show that, even when a hearing loss is more severe in one ear, many people with hearing loss can still benefit from the natural sound-gathering ability of both ears.

The benefits of binaural amplification (wearing two hearing instruments) as opposed to wearing just one include:

  • A more normal, balanced sound.
  • Better overall sound quality.
  • Better understanding in group situations.
  • A more relaxed listening experience (never having to turn to use the good ear).
  • The ability to set volume controls lower, enabling the wearer to hear sound at a softer, more comfortable level.

One of the most important roles binaural amplification can play is to improve the wearer’s ability to identify the source of a particular sound.

The brain uses signals from both ears to determine the direction a sound is coming from. Without the ability to hear properly with both ears, situations such as finding the person who’s calling your name, determining whether someone’s knocking at the front or back door, or crossing the street can be difficult or even dangerous.

Does it take long to adjust to wearing a hearing instrument?

This will vary from person to person because everyone is different. It takes some time to adjust to listening, and to hearing everything louder and clearer. Hearing instruments amplify sounds. Following a conversation in a noisy place can be very difficult but with practice, listening can become an enjoyable experience again.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Loss of hearing is often a gradual process. hearing loss is invisible and more common than people think. some of the early warning signs of hearing loss are:

  • Difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, such as the voices of women and children.
  • Difficulty hearing at public gatherings and events.
  • Difficulty understanding conversations within a group of people, or on the telephone.
  • Constantly turning up the volume of the tv.

Will a hearing instrument restore my hearing to normal?

Hearing instruments benefit many people. however, no hearing instrument can restore your hearing back to normal. the benefits depend on the severity of your hearing loss.

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is used to display the results of a hearing test. the softest sounds you can hear are your hearing thresholds and these are marked on an audiogram. Hearing tests can tell you the type and degree of hearing loss you may have.

Will I become dependent on a hearing device?

A hearing device will help you communicate better and enjoy life more. many people wonder how they ever managed without it. There is no need to be concerned about becoming dependent.

Do I remove my hearing instruments to go to bed or to have a shower?

As most hearing instruments are not water proof you will have to take them out to have a shower, or if you’re at the beach or in a pool. In regards to sleeping with your hearing instruments it is recommended that you do not sleep with them as it may hurt your ears

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