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Hearing Loss Specialists has been representing Rexton Hearing Aids in Perth for more than 15 years.

Rexton has developed a wide range of hearing aids to suit all types of people, all types of hearing impairments and all types of lifestyles.

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Hearing Aids by Rexton

If you experience hearing loss then you will know that your understanding of how different the world becomes once this condition takes hold, in comparison to that of your friends and family are often miles apart. While people talk up the positives of hearing aids, they do so assuming that all hearing aids achieve the same degree of clarity. For decades, the best hearing aids only achieved so much, however, today Rexton hearing aids are among the names that lead the field and deliver truly impressive results.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we assess each client that we meet as an individual. We understand that your hearing loss and how it affects your life is different from that of other people. A one-size-fits-all solution is never the right approach and it takes professional assessment and understanding to determine how best to address the issues pertinent to the individual.

As such, on completion of your hearing assessment, we talk you through the hearing test results and seek out additional information. We want to know what your lifestyle is like, what situations prove the most challenging to you, what your work and social requirements are. We want to know what budget you have at your disposal.

We also determine the size of your ear canals and like to find out what your sensitivity is to the size and visibility of hearing devices. As such, we build a complete picture and tailor the solution to your needs. In many cases, Rexton hearing devices are the best option.

Rexon Hearing Device Technology Can Change the Way You Hear

Rexton has been a leader in the industry for over six decades and continues to seek out new enhancements to the quality of their hearing aids. Their mission is to create a user experience that is as comfortable as possible, which is achieved through personalisation and the ability to control how their device behaves in different challenging environments.

Anyone with even a basic appreciation of hearing devices will have a sense of how expensive they can be. However, Rexton strives to make their devices as accessible as possible. They have three main product lines, which achieve different objectives. MyCore is a line that affords users natural sound and direct streaming capabilities, while TruCore incorporates sound-enhancing technology. Finally, the Essential E1 line is designed to be budget-friendly, without compromising on the quality of hearing achieved.

Rexton rechargeable hearing aids are as smart a device as you would hope to find when seeking out superior hearing devices. Bluetooth enables smartphone connectivity, which empowers those that use these devices to adjust their hearing aid without drawing attention to themselves. It’s easy to check your battery level within the app, tinker with the volume of the device or adjust the microphone directionality.

One of the key frustrations that hearing device users experienced in the past was the amplified sound of their own voice. Rexton has addressed this with their My Voice technology so that the user’s own voice is processed separate to the environment and sounds more natural. Furthermore, anyone with tinnitus will appreciate the built-in white sound generator, which serves to soften the effect. All of these capabilities are available in our concealed IIC (invicible-in-canal) hearing aids and CIC (completely-in-canal) hearing devices.

Thousands of Vastly Enriched Lives

At Hearing Loss Specialists. We have thousands of past clients who now live vastly enriched lives as a result of the hearing devices that we prescribed. What’s more, they benefit, as you will, from free lifetime follow-ups.

If you’re frustrated with hearing loss and want to speak with an expert, then now is the time to seek an objective opinion from the specialists here in our independent Western Australian hearing aid clinics. Simply fill in your details on the enquiry form to book an appointment and we will help you rediscover the joys of hearing soon.
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