Price Range

Ultimate Range

$5,900 per ear

Premium Range

$5,300 per ear

Superior Range

$4,500 per ear

Advanced Range

$3,800 per ear

Product Range & Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Loss Specialists prescribe the worlds most advanced digital hearing aid technology available and offer the widest range of hearing instruments to meet the needs of varying types of hearing loss. There is also a range of hearing instruments available to meet different budget requirements. Cost is determined by the level of technology inside the aid.

Our goal is to return your hearing to the maximum level of clarity that is possible.

Please keep in mind that your Specialist will endeavor to prescribe you with the highest level of technology suitable to your hearing requirements, at the lowest possible price.


Special discounts are available exclusively from us at Hearing Loss Specialists. Significant discounts are available for:

  • Veteran Affairs
  • Pensioners
  • Seniors Card Holders
  • Self Funded Retirees
  • RAC Members

We occasionally offer alternative discounts, please contact us for more details.


Hearing Loss Specialists offer you the very latest state of the art hearing aid technology and have succeeded in integrating a massive package of features into a miniatureised design. Their hearing instruments are extremely discreet due to their small size, but offer huge performance thanks to the sophisticated digital technology inside.

Hearing Loss Specialists are one of Western Australia’s largest independently owned hearing aid practices and are committed to providing hearing aid solutions for every individual’s needs. We operate five hearing aid clinics in the Perth metropolitan area. Our clinics are situated at several convenient locations throughout Perth.

Our professional team have fitted hearing aids to many tens of thousands of patients over the years to help compensate for their hearing problems. This has allowed them to hear clearly once again.

Hearing Loss Specialists are renowned for our continuous quest for excellence in the form of new technology and a personalised, professional service.


Most private health providers refund some proportion of the cost of new hearing aids. We recommend contacting your private health provider to determine if your cover includes hearing aids.

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