Hearing Aids For Pensioners

Hearing Loss Specialists is an independent and private hearing aid clinic.

However, we do offer a range of discounts and rebates towards your new hearing aids. Significant discounts are available for pensioners.

The Rebates range from $400-$545 per hearing aid.

Please enquire at our clinics or contact us for further information.

Private Health Fund Insurance Rebates

If you have ancillary private health insurance you may be eligible for a partial refund towards the cost of your new hearing aids.

We recommend contacting your private health provider to determine if your cover includes hearing aids or contact us for further help. Read More

Wondering About the Cost of Hearing Aids for Pensioners?

Our senses are responsible for how we perceive, engage and interact with the world. Whenever anything goes wrong with one of them, it is naturally a cause for concern, since it suddenly becomes abundantly clear just how much things change in its absence. As we grow old, we become conscious of changes in our ability to hear. No matter if we worked in a silent environment or consciously tried to limit our exposure to noise, the reality is that some exposure will have been experienced.

***Hearing aids for pensioners are an incredible asset but are often priced in a manner that limits their degree of accessibility. Nobody wants to feel that they are a burden and everyone wants to maintain their independence for as long as they possibly can. As such, acquiring technology that can help achieve this is never a bad idea.

Fortunately, the team here at Hearing Loss Specialists know a thing or two about independence. We are an independent hearing aid centre that has no affiliation with the manufacturers of hearing aids, which affords us the unique privilege of being able to prescribe whichever brand we believe will achieve the greatest results for our patients.

Our 30 years of clinical experience ensures that you receive the best possible care and attention from a team with unrivalled knowledge and expertise.

Pensioners Rest Easy- We Tailor Our Hearing Aid Services & Costs to Your Individual Needs

Countless Australians, just like you, become accustomed to a lapse in their hearing. Family and friends often do more harm than good by pushing back the testing process, by adjusting their engagements with the person suffering the loss to make things more comfortable for them.

Pensioner hearing aids are not to be feared. Even in terms of cost, there are plenty of ways to access them, which do not require a major down payment. Taking the first step by accessing a free consultation with our team is the proactive choice that will lead to life-changing results. We tailor our service to your individual needs, which is why tens of thousands of patients have trusted us over the decades.

We take into account many different factors before we make a recommendation. Our hearing assessments are designed to give us specific information about the basic function. However, we also consider who you are and the lifestyle that you are engaged in. Some people experience noisier environments as a result of where they live, while others live in peaceful countryside settings.

Where we are concerned, choosing hearing aid providers for pensioners in Australia isn’t just about what works. We also take into consideration your budget, the size of your ear canals and we even determine how sensitive you are with regards to the size and visibility of hearing aids. That’s why we offer invisible in canal (IIC) and completely in canal (CIC) hearing aids. The goal is to make a choice that is the best possible fit for you.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we have achieved great things for many different people to date. We can help you hear your loved ones with greater clarity while in the home, hear the television better without having to crank up the volume, engage with your children and grandchildren and enjoy a family gathering without feeling like you’re missing out on all the fun conversations.

When it comes to hearing aid cost for pensioners, this usually inspires worry, since our range starts at $2,199 per hearing aid, per ear. Fortunately, we offer discounts for Seniors, Veteran Affairs, Pensioners, Self-Funded Retirees and RAC Members. You may also be eligible for Private Health rebates in which you will need to contact your health insurer for the exact refund.Read Less

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