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Anyone that believes they are losing their hearing may be forgiven for fearing that they will be stuck with a huge plastic device on their ears for the rest of their days, while relatives and friends speak loudly at them to no effect. Fortunately, life in the 21st Century has taken huge leaps forward and so, the prospect of acquiring and living with a hearing aid in Perth is far less daunting and much more enabling than ever before.

At Hearing Loss Specialists, we are the hearing test experts in Mandurah that residents have turned to time and time again. We are an independent hearing aid clinic. This is something that few patients recognise as important before they book in with us since it affords them an unbiased opinion on their hearing and objective recommendations with regards to the device that will deliver the best results.

Unfortunately, many other specialists have ties to manufacturers, which means that their patients can only tap into the devices provided by that outlet. The good news for you is that we represent the major hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Among the brands that we stock are the following:

Learn How Regular Testing Can Protect Your Hearing

If you are someone who makes a conscious effort to keep track of your senses and regularly seek hearing testing in Mandurah, then there are a few ways that you can proactively address this issue and make a real difference in terms of limiting the damage to your ears.

Many employers place their employees in environments that pose a serious threat to their hearing. We often overlook such jobs as firefighters, gardeners, entertainment and sporting events because they seem normal. However, in each of these examples, these professionals are exposed to a greater degree of noise each day. Before you take a job, think about what you need to protect your hearing.

Adult hearing tests in Mandurah are often sought out when pain is noticed in the ear, or when tinnitus becomes problematic. In other instances, your ability to understand what other people say in noisy spaces could prompt you to take action.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is something that can be prevented by taking action. If you are in an environment that you can control, then it may be possible for you to turn down the volume on the source of the noise. You may be able to acquire protective gear for your ears to limit your exposure. Depending on the circumstances, you may also have the ability to walk away from the noise or limit the time that you spend in or around it.

Our Mandurah Clinic: Independently Leading the Field for 30 Years

At Hearing Loss Specialists, our independent status affords us the luxury of being able to prescribe the most advanced digital technology in the world. Our customers benefit from a free consultation and hearing assessment and they are also afforded free lifetime follow-ups, which are often necessary to make adjustments, carry out servicing, retesting or just to complete their annual check-up.

The world is a very different place when you cannot hear, as such, we deliver hearing testing for both young adults and seniors in Mandurah. Booking an appointment only takes a few seconds, so complete the online form and prepare to regain the clarity you once knew.

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